The Paid Dreams project is an idea by the Cherrydeck team to support their talented members. Ness Rubey received 1,000 euros from Cherrydeck for her „Humans and Insect“ project. It’s going to be published on Cherrydeck. 

Winner of the „Cherrydeck Paid Dreams Project“

1,000 euros for project „Humans and Insect“

Cherrydeck is a platform for professional photographers. For the fourth time, they hosted the Paid Dreams Competition. Cherrydeck wants to promote artists and their unusual projects. The „Humans and Insect“ project by Ness Rubey made it to the finals. She was the voting’s winner. Ness Rubey will receive 1,000 euros as promotion for her project. The „Humans and Insect“ project will be their largest and most elaborate project so far. It revolves around the topic of paying more attention to the small inconspicuous things in life. Once  completed, there will be an exhibition.


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