Veggie Photo Brunch Deluxe

You want to learn more about Ness‘ approaches and methods? You’re looking for a personal exchange of experiences and sources of inspiration beyond digital platforms? Preferably at a richly laid table with vegetarian delicacies, together with other creative minds? The VEGGIE PHOTO BRUNCH DELUXE combines all that. In a small group of a maximum of four participants you will get to know Ness‘ approach to conceptual photography: This is the perfect opportunity to exchange your own ideas and concepts at the same time. The goal is to open up new perspectives for you as a photography enthusiast or creative professional – and to broaden your creative horizons. Ness knows best: hot cocoa makes everything better. „We have so many brilliant ideas that sometimes we get a little stuck. Often, all that’s missing is that final push. At the joint brunch, not only do new perspectives emerge – but we also stoke the fire that encourages everybody to reconnect with their fearless creative energy.“ Ness Rubey Your ticket includes a follow-up call with Ness, two weeks after the brunch: In a 45-minute reflection meeting, you can further consolidate your ideas and discuss any unanswered questions and topics. In addition, you will be invited to an annual meeting with all other brunch participants and thus further expand your network.

The Veggie Photo Brunch Deluxe takes on Saturdays once a month at Ness Rubey’s Studio.

10:30 – 14:00

360,- €

Tabakfabrik Linz


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